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Add Energy/AGR delivered the company’s 4th  familiarization training course on the principles of NORSOK D-010 Well Integrity standard. A 1-day course that focused on the establishment of well barriers, including well barrier elements and how these are accepted and monitored to prevent loss of integrity that ultimately could lead to a blowout.

NOPSEMA allows use of the well integrity NORSOK D-010 standard (and others)  as part of the operators’ management system, thereby reducing the total volume of procedures to be developed. Attending the NORSOK D-010 training course is good for the business case along with training of younger professionals.

The course was attended by over 20 engineers and operational personnel from a range of operators in Perth, including well intervention service providers. In addition to the focus on well barriers, the course also detailed the well construction process and abandonment phase, including diversion into a well barrier case study with a wireline tool stuck in the Xmas Tree.

Due to high demand, Add Energy will be offering an extended Well Integrity 2-day course in due course.

Ole-rygg Ole B. Rygg, PhD
Group Managing Director Wells at ABL Group
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