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Well Control

Minimize business, safety and environmental impact by implementing proven measures to regain control of an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release.

AGR provides all types of well engineering support to help our clients achieve increased performance and cost efficiency, no matter the project.

We are joining forces with Add Energy‘s Well Management & Well Engineering teams. By combining operational expertise spanning 70 years, and knowledge and resources in well management and engineering, CCUS, well control, technical safety & risk management energy transition solutions and software, we have created a cohesive partnership that positions us at the forefront of the energy industry.

Track record

USD 12mio

saved through well design optimisation


blowout contingency plans


killed live incidents

Well Kill Support

Regain control of an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release.

Blowout Contingency

Preparing your organization for the unthinkable.

The Relief Well Injection Spool (RWIS)

Blowout control hardware that allows well design to be optimized and assures single relief well contingency.