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For clients who need a comprehensive and rigorous peer review of their assets, AGR offers an excellent network of outstanding professionals in every specialism.

As a fully independent consultancy, we provide unbiased and objective peer reviews, based on decades of experience.   

At all stages of the asset life cycle

We are engaged by a variety of energy businesses to carry out peer reviews at different stages of asset maturity. Through close collaboration with AGR Consultancy, which is one of the leading global recruitment specialists in the energy sector, we are able to source carefully matched reviewers for any type of evaluation.

Typical assignments

Our clients benefit from a range of services in this area, including the review of:

  • Drilling, completion, workover or abandonment plans and programmes
  • Well timings and costs
  • Operational readiness
  • Regulatory preparedness
  • Operational performance
  • Incidents and non conformances
  • Examination and reclassification of suspended wells.

Case studies

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