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Competence Assessment


Performance Standards development
We support organizations with the design, development and implementation of key performance standards, to support their ongoing competency assessment and contractual management plans.

We offer competent and qualified HSEQ personnel with extensive experience in coaching, capacity building, managing HSEQ, client risk and skills in the planning, execution and supporting of onshore and offshore projects.

We Provide:
Development of HSSEQ Policies & Management Systems
HSE Software Solutions
Technical Risk Services
Development and Revision of Safety Cases for all types of facilities
Process Risk Management, including HAZID, HAZOP, Bowtie, SIL, SIMOP, ALARP workshops
Formal Safety Assessments
Risk Engineering, Studies and QRA
Crisis & Emergency Management / BCM Support
Oil Spill Contingency Planning
Environmental Management
Community Consultation
Strategic Security Management (including ISPS & ISM)
Facility Inspections (Technical)
HSSEQ Audits
Incident / Accident Investigation
Regulatory Approvals and Compliance
Supply of HSSEQ Advisors



Training Services:
HSSEQ and IMS programs
Safety Leadership & Mentoring
Project Specific – Induction, Regulatory
Compliance, Environmental Awareness,PTW, JSA, Manual Handling , Confined Space Entry
Drilling Program Specific
Chemical Awareness / Dangerous Goods
Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM)
ER Exercises, Response Drills, Workshops
Media Management / Response
Relative/NOK Response, HR Support & Telephone Support Team
Security Orientated Training Programs
Hostile Environment
IPS / MOTOFSA Security

Lene Thorstensen