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We conducted an analysis on the safety, environmental and supply risks associated with threats to the integrity of the clients pipeline.

What We Did:

  • A review of the pipeline location classifications and identification of consequence areas
  • A review and update of the credible threats to pipeline integrity
  • Identification of the control measures for the credible threats
  • Assessment of risks using the AS 2885.6 risk matrix
  • A workshop with the key stakeholders to review and agree risks and mitigation measures for all onshore and offshore pipelines

The Result:

In addition to a workshop facilitated by us, our safety and risk experts also delivered an engineering report detailing:

  • A detailed summary of the AS 2885.6 pipeline risk assessment process and involvement from the workforce
  • Comprehensive recommendations to reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)
Jim Morrison Jim Morrison
EVP Safety, Risk & Environment
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