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Our Risk Management team were hired to detect disparities, guarantee effectiveness, and ensure alignment between an Operator and its drilling contractor’s COVID-19 management and response strategies, provide an independent review of existing COVID-19 management plans and procedures.

The challenge

The Operator in ASPAC recognized the necessity of establishing a proactive and uniform approach to COVID-19 management and response in order to:

  • Safeguard the health and wellbeing of all personnel engaged in their offshore drilling project.
  • Bolster their business continuity strategy by mitigating the risk of rig shutdowns and preventing any disruptions to ongoing drilling operations and other activities.
  • Ensure adherence to reporting and communication obligations with local regulatory authorities and government departments.

Solutions we provided

  1. We reviewed the Operator’s and drilling contractor’s COVID-19 management standards, strategies, plans/procedures, and preventative measures to detect discrepancies and opportunities for enhancement and alignment.
  2. Additionally, we developed and formulated scenario exercises as a primary assessment tool, aligned with the key risks of COVID-19 exposure.
  3. Conducted a remote desktop CEM exercise with key stakeholders to familiarize offshore operating teams and shore-based management teams with potential scenarios, testing procedures, associated capabilities, and ensuring adequacy of COVID-19 response tactics, including:
  • COVID-19 specific procedures and contact tracing strategies
  • Emergency response coordination with the drilling contractor
  • Effectiveness of communication and reporting requirements with regulatory authorities and government departments Produced a final report containing findings and recommendations for improvemen

4. Developed final report with findings and recommendations for improvement



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EVP Safety, Risk & Environment
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Why we were selected?

We, a distinguished and highly skilled specialist provider certified under ISO 9001:2015, are at the forefront of Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) services for the oil and gas, energy, and maritime sectors.

Given the significance of the risks and the potential impact on health and business operations, it was imperative for the Operator’s COVID-19 management and response plans to undergo rigorous testing by competent CEM specialists.

Considering the involvement of multiple parties such as the Operator, drilling contractor, aviation provider, and Government departments, an impartial capability review was essential. Recommendations for improvement were to be identified based on industry best practices and ongoing enhancements to health, safety, and business continuity strategies.

Due to a lack of in-house expertise in this area and a focus on day-to-day operations, outsourcing this exercise to experienced specialists was deemed crucial.

The value we delivered

Recommendations for enhancing COVID 19 response and management

Through the identification of gaps and discrepancies between the two companies, and in line with best practice COVID-19 emergency response, Add Energy offered insights on how to enhance the existing strategy which included immediate actions to be reviewed, implemented, and closed out

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Through examination and testing of the processes and procedures it was identified that there needed to be clear roles and responsibilities for each of the stakeholders to communicate their requirements and role in managing the COVID-19 safe plan and response procedures

Compliance with regulations and government departments

Agreement on responsibilities around COVID-19 reporting will assure compliance with reporting and communication requirements with local Regulatory authorities and Government departments

Enhanced knowledge and awareness of COVID 19 management protocols

Increased the understanding and knowledge of the COVID-19 management protocols and operational interface between the Operator and drilling contractor as to which COVID-19 response procedure takes precedence at any one time