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AGR developed and delivered a ‘tailored’ fit for purpose Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) training programme to our client’s personnel.

Specializing in preparing organizations for worst-case scenarios, our expert team provides comprehensive team training, meticulous planning, and the execution of realistic Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) exercises featuring credible emergency scenarios.

Training for crises and emergencies is vital for organizations aiming to protect their employees, assets, reputation, and overall business operations when confronted with unexpected challenges.

The Results of the training programme:

  • Reinforced client’s CEM Framework and associated accountabilities.
  • Provided Emergency Management induction and/or refresher training to personnel who may be called upon to undertake a primary or alternate role in an emergency team.
  • Enhanced the Emergency Management capability and competency of individual team members.
  • Inducted individual team members into their required CEM roles & responsibilities.
  • Facilitated ‘desktop’ CEM exercises to assist in assimilating CEM theory into practice and against operational requirements.

Project Benefits:

  • Personnel have an enhanced knowledge and understanding of client’s CEM Framework.
  • Dedicated training against client’s CEM system and requirements.
  • Trained and competent personnel in client’s CEM systems and processes.
  • Conduct of realistic and credible exercises that are aligned with client’s operations and associated risk.
  • Overall, client organisation has an enhanced level of CEM competence.
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EVP Safety, Risk & Environment
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