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Our Well Management & Engineering team are renowned worldwide for delivering high-quality solutions that optimise productivity, minimise risk, and improve profitability.

Wells are at the core of AGR’s business. Leveraging on the over 35 years’ hydrocarbon drilling expertise, we assist clients in their energy transition journey. We are heavily involved in carbon dioxide storage projects helping to evaluate and repurpose old wells to CCS wells. Meet our expert trusted by our clients to deliver excellence to each well project – Ole B Rygg, PhD.

Position: MD Wells Group
Job Location: Oslo

What do you do at ABL Group?

I am overseeing all the well and drilling related activities in ABL Group. That means coordinating projects focusing on well engineering across the different teams in ABL Group and helping the local technical teams to market their well engineering projects globally.

How long have you worked in ABL Group and the industry?

I have been with ABL Group since 2022 through Add Energy merger with ABL Group and AGR in 2023. Prior to the acquisition I was the CEO of Add Energy for seven years and before that I was heading up the Well Control activities in Add Energy.

What inspired you to go into the field you’re in?

After finishing my degrees at the university, I got a job as research engineer in multiphase flow technology.

By coincidence I was involved in a project to develop a software to simulate flow in oil and gas wells and I have been stuck with that ever since.

What’s the most exciting aspect of the energy transition for you?

I think the need for CCS has strongly been under communicated for a long time now. CCS is a vital part of the energy transition, and we need to get cracking on it.

Do you have a favourite memory or story of the company?

I would like to point out the time when I was asked by BP to help them solve the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon blowout in the GoM. That job is something that I will never forget and an experience I will bring with me in my technical work going forward.