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For more than 35 years, we have cultivated a world-renowned independent Reservoir Management and Asset Evaluations team, dedicated to providing comprehensive full-field subsurface studies and standalone reserves and resources assessments. Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by the unparalleled expertise of our team members. Their average of over 25 years of insights and specialised knowledge in geology and geoscience (G&G), reservoir engineering, and petroleum economics drives efficiency and adds significant value to our clients’ reservoir management projects.

Meet one of our experts, Senior Geoscientist Smita Malla, who is located in our Oslo office and joined the company in 2019.

What does your average day look like?

A usual day begins with simple stretches and calm prayers. I prefer a light breakfast together with my son to get chance to know our activities for the day and plan for dinner as he wishes not necessarily invariably. I feel quite refreshed even after a short chat.

After I get rushed for work chasing my husband to be seated in car since we commute working in the same direction.

At work, starts day with opening emails, calendars and noted checklist. After that set a plan for the day which project I have involved in and pick up the work.

After getting back from work 10-15 minutes is quite important to sit with family and share how the day went.

Tell us a bit about your career development at AGR

I found a progressive career development after joining AGR. Before I used to work as exploration geologist. After joining AGR I got involved in different roles for evaluating development fields, visiting data rooms. Sometimes it is interesting to evaluate the production phase of the asset which I was involved during discovery phase.

What did you do before joining AGR?

Before AGR I used to work at FirstGeo and Aker Solutions. As an explorationist I was involved in finding out new prospects for the clients in Norwegian continental shelf. It was exciting to screen out the new acreages, mapped out possibilities and finally submitting application for the new licencing rounds and APA (Awards in predefined area) which Norwegian Offshore Directorate has announced annually/biennially.

What does AGR do to enable your professional advancement and work-life balance?

The first and foremost I feel AGR provides flexible working schedules that’s the key for overall growth. For keeping work-life balance sometimes work from home is quite helpful. Other I can see AGR offers synchronous breaks. To keep me motivated I think responsibility is necessary which I get sometime smoothly and intermittently considerable work

Hobbies: Folk dance and travelling