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Is it still safe?

Add Energy recently combined several of its’ niche segments to perform a comprehensive well integrity assessment

The operator noticed abnormal well pressure behaviour in a subsea well and wanted to determine if it was safe to continue operations. Add Energy gained an understanding of the wells and the facility’s capacity, and suggested new operating procedures and recommended practices to lower the risk and ensure continued safe operating conditions.

Well design reports and production data were compared to NORSOK D-010 requirements, using an in-house well integrity tool, to understand the current risk level of the well. Benefits from remedial actions were highlighted in the resulting traffic light system. The traffic light system also created the basis for a leak path analysis, which was performed by well kill specialists to determine if additional resources were required to kill the well in the most likely well control incident. An overall risk assessment was performed to lower the risk level to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Based on the well integrity analysis, the operator was able to make an informed decision about the well. The well was kept in operation with the suggested guidelines, assisting the operator in achieving their 2016 production target.