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At AGR, our purpose is to empower our clients on their journey towards energy transition by offering independent third-party advisory services and sourcing top-tier technical personnel. With over three decades of experience in the energy sector and an unparalleled track record in CCS, geothermal, and wind sectors, we are dedicated to facilitating the development and construction of sustainable energy solutions.

Gas-to-power generation, coupled with CCS technology, represents a critical pathway to decarbonising the power sector and mitigating climate change. By capturing and safely storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from natural gas-fired power plants, these projects contribute to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring reliable and efficient electricity generation.

Recognising the growing demand for expert support in this area, our Reservoir Management and Subsurface team are committed to leveraging our extensive experience and technical expertise to assist stakeholders in successfully implementing CCS in gas-to-power projects.

Comprehensive Carbon Storage Evaluation Services

Our CCS services include detailed feasibility studies, subsurface evaluations, and advanced reservoir simulations. We provide in-depth assessments to ensure the technical and economic viability of integrating CCS into gas-to-power plants, considering site-specific factors and transportation logistics.

Technical and Operational Support

We offer thorough carbon capture technology assessments to identify the most suitable solutions for specific projects, along with certification services to ensure storage sites meet all regulatory and safety standards. Our monitoring and verification programs are designed to track storage performance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Risk Management and Advisory Services

Our risk assessment and mitigation strategies address potential technical, environmental, and operational risks, while our regulatory and compliance support ensures seamless navigation through complex regulatory frameworks. We also provide project management and consultancy services to optimize the integration of CCS in gas-to-power projects.

“Our gas-to-power with CCS service underscores our commitment to driving the adoption of sustainable energy solutions,” said Ole B Rygg, MD Wells at AGR. “As a trusted third-party evaluator, we are well-positioned to provide valuable insights and technical expertise to support the successful implementation of CCS projects in the gas-to-power sector.”

For more information about our services for gas-to-power projects with CCS, please visit agr.com or contact Ole B Rygg.

Ole-rygg Ole B. Rygg, PhD
Group Managing Director Wells at ABL Group
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