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Commissioned by the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority, Add Energy has produced a report that evaluates possible pressure reduction in relation to blowout and kill rates.

Calculating blowout and kill rates in the worst-case scenario of a potential blowout during drilling wells is part of the assessment of environmental risks and kill opportunities associated with a potentially worst blowout event during drilling operations in hydrocarbon-bearing formations.

The evaluations in this study provide considerations of uncertainty related to the development of blowouts and physical conditions related to possible pressure drops in potentially flowing formations in the event of a blowout. The report assesses and summarizes several historical events in this context, such as the Montara and Macondo blowouts.

The report gathers knowledge about specific challenges related to the uncertainty about how the depletion of reservoir pressure may affect kill operations through relief well(s) in the event of a potential blowout.

To read the full report titled ‘Can reservoir depletion be credited for Relief Well Operations?’, click the download below.

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Meet the Add Energy team behind the report…

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Morten Haug Emilsen

Manager Well Control



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Geir Hedenstad

Senior Well Control



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Ole Rygg