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Add Energy is pleased to announce it has entered into a master service agreement with Enautech, an oil and gas technology company specialising in well control equipment compliance and improving blowout preventer reliability under well control scenarios.

The master service agreement between Add Energy and Enautech allows Add Energy to continue its drive to become a global provider of leading engineering and software solutions.

Enautech has developed BOP Simulator, a commercial software package that reduces blowout risk to as low as reasonably practicable levels in compliance with leading industry standards. BOP Simulator strengthens the proven well control capability of the Add Energy team, which contains members that acted as Senior Advisors on the Macondo, Montara and Elgin Franklin well kills.

Given the increasing regulatory and government focus on performance standards for safety critical equipment, Add Energy will be including BOP Simulator capabilities as standard for well control and safety related work scopes.

The collaboration between Add Energy and Enautech will focus on improving process safety, well control equipment compliance, and ensuring fit-for-purpose well control equipment is selected to minimize time and cost. This will contribute to maximizing BOP hydraulic control reliability and minimizing loss of primary containment events throughout the industry.

The capabilities of BOP Simulator are equally applicable to all scenarios from ultra-deep water planning to onshore applications, given the recent changes in regulatory expectations for well control equipment.

Add Energy and Enautech will collaborate to improve process safety and compliance by:

  • Demonstrating compliance against significantly updated API 16D 3rd Edition, which has stricter requirements for both onshore and offshore applications;
  • Verifying the shut-in capability of blowout preventers under any well control scenario, and demonstrating well control compliance position to regulators, stakeholders, and against internal company standards; and
  • Evaluating well control equipment capability for any subsurface condition, water depth and well design.

BOP Simulator will be utilized to reduce time and cost by:

  • Improving blowout preventer reliability through fit-for-purpose hydraulic capacity selection;
  • Ensuring fit-for-purpose rig and well control equipment specification, and a precise assessment of upgrade requirements; and
  • Saving 100s of engineering hours and eliminating human error associated with conducting complex pressure-temperature calculations required to comply with governing bodies.

The Add Energy and Enautech partnership provides significant strength to the well control expertise of the company, and aligns with the global direction to become a leader in engineering and software solutions