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The Arabian Gulf region has long been recognized as a global hub for the oil and gas industry. With numerous oil and gas reserves and ambitious petroleum production goals, there is an ever-increasing demand for drilling and well engineering expertise in the region.

One of our recent projects in the area involved assisting a major Middle Eastern Operator in their mission to fortify their Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) framework for their inaugural offshore drilling endeavor. Through our technical safety and risk engineering expertise and comprehensive campaign, we delivered a robust and proactive CEM system that enhanced safety and preparedness for the Operator’s offshore operations.

As a leading Operator in the Persian Gulf, our client embarked on a significant offshore drilling venture to explore hydrocarbon reserves. However, their extensive onshore background necessitated specialized expertise in Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) for offshore operations. Recognizing the importance of safety, preparedness, and effective response during potential crises and emergencies, our client sought assistance to establish a robust CEM system to mitigate risks and ensure optimal operational safety.

Robust crisis and emergency management system supporting offshore operations

Our collaboration with the Middle Eastern Operator included supporting them on an extensive drilling campaign spanning over 3-4 years to come, which includes the drilling of six High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) wells. We aimed to establish a comprehensive and proactive CEM framework that would enhance the Operator’s proficiency in mitigating offshore risks. This involved a thorough assessment of potential hazards, the development of emergency response plans, training programs, and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies to strengthen their crisis management capabilities.

The project began with a comprehensive assessment of potential offshore hazards and risks. We evaluated geological intricacies, reservoir characteristics, and weather patterns specific to the region. By utilizing our expertise in offshore drilling operations, we identified potential crisis scenarios and emergency situations that the Operator may encounter. This analysis formed the foundation for designing effective emergency response plans tailored to the unique challenges of their offshore operations.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified specialist provider of CEM services trains personnel

Drawing on our experience in Crisis & Emergency Management, we developed customized emergency response plans aligned with international industry standards and best practices. These plans encompassed various scenarios, including blowouts, well control incidents, fire emergencies, and personnel evacuation. Our objective was to enable the Operator to respond proactively to any crisis or emergency situation, ensuring the safety of personnel, protecting the environment, and minimizing operational disruptions.

To ensure seamless implementation of the CEM framework, we conducted extensive training programs for the Operator’s personnel. These programs encompassed emergency response procedures, crisis management techniques, and hands-on training in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. By empowering the Operator’s workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge, we fostered a proactive safety culture and enhanced their ability to effectively manage crises and emergencies.

Ole-rygg Ole B. Rygg, PhD
Group Managing Director Wells at ABL Group
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Through our expertise in Crisis & Emergency Management, we successfully delivered a comprehensive and proactive CEM system for a major Middle Eastern Operator’s inaugural offshore drilling venture. By assessing offshore hazards, developing emergency response plans, conducting training programs, and leveraging advanced technologies, we equipped the Operator with the necessary tools to mitigate risks and ensure operational safety. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering specialized expertise to strengthen Crisis & Emergency Management in offshore exploration, contributing to the overall safety and success of the Arabian Gulf region’s oil and gas industry.