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A large Operator in the Middle East was entering offshore drilling. The project’s timeline spans 3-4 years and involves drilling, testing, and suspending over 6 HPHT exploration wells in the Arabian Gulf, utilizing multiple offshore drilling rigs. We were tasked to strengthen the Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) framework by establishing a resilient and proactive system.

With onshore and offshore operations in the Arabian Gulf, the Client identified the necessity for enhancements to their offshore Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) framework, aiming to establish a robust and responsive system for:

1. Protecting the health, safety & wellbeing of all personnel working on their offshore drilling project
2. Enhancing protection of the offshore environment
3. Supporting business continuity strategies by minimising the threat of outages and delays in operations
4. Assuring compliance with reporting and communication requirements
5. Protecting Client’s reputation and Project organisations

Client challenge

The project marked the Client’s inaugural offshore exploratory and drilling campaign. While the Client possessed significant onshore drilling experience, they lacked prior offshore drilling exposure. Numerous Contractor companies were engaged to aid in planning, development, and execution of the six well campaign.

There were several challenges identified within the project. Firstly, there was a general lack of awareness and familiarity among personnel regarding the Client’s CEM System. Secondly, there was ambiguity regarding which organization’s procedures should take precedence during emergency events, whether it be the Operator or the Drilling Contractor. Lastly, there was a lack of clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, with inadequate understanding observed regarding the application of the Client’s CEM System, including key responsibilities and reporting procedures.

Development and implementation of overarching Project Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

As a key element of the existing Project HSEQ Management System, we developed a tailored Project EMP and implemented specifically to the offshore operations. Importantly, the Project EMP was designed as an overarching CEM framework that would effectively interface and bridge with all existing offshore Emergency Response Plans (ERP) from all Project organisations, the key intent being a robust framework for responding to offshore crisis events.

It was noted that most project personnel were unacquainted with the offshore CEM Framework and lacked offshore specific CEM training. Given the focus on day-to-day operations, and the absence of in-house offshore CEM expertise, outsourcing to experienced CEM specialists was pivotal for the Client.

Our proposal for Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) services to support the Client’s offshore project proved successful, largely due to our strong track record with similar projects. Additionally, our leading position as an ISO 9001:2015 certified specialist provider of CEM services to oil & gas, energy and maritime industries globally further supported the proposal’s credibility.

Proven support to operational HSEQ and CEM Systems

The value we brought to the Arabian-Gulf Operator included:

  • Reviewed all pertinent Client documentation, including standards, strategy, plans, and associated procedures
  • Undertook a detailed ‘Gap Analysis’ against regulatory requirements and industry best practices
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of an overarching Project Emergency Management Plan (EMP), which appropriately bridged to all project Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Traveled to the Middle East as part of the Project EMP implementation and delivered tailor-made CEM Training Programs to over 120+ Client personnel across 3 Command Levels within the organization
  • Exercised Client personnel in CEM practices by developing and conducting multiple project-specific tabletop CEM exercises involving personnel from the 3 Command Levels
  • Provided a comprehensive report with recommendations for improving the current CEM System.

Our execution of an enhanced project CEM capability and competency

  • An enhanced / robust project specific CEM system
  • Delivered basic CEM training to over 120+ client personnel at all three Command Levels
  • Enhanced knowledge and management protocols by project personnel of the Client’s CEM system
  • Enhanced project CEM capability and associated competency
  • Identified additional improvements for enhancing the Client’s offshore CEM response and management system – these have been reported to the Client for consideration of improvement and close-out

Our skills delivered

  • Crisis & Emergency Management (CEM) expertise
  • CEM Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Development of customized CEM Training Programs
  • Delivery of face-to-face CEM training at Client’s locations
  • Conduct of realistic and credible CEM exercises
  • Assessment of CEM capability and competency
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What value did we bring to the Client:

  • Establishing uniform CEM training for project personnel
  • Strengthening offshore CEM systems
  • Augmented onshore support for offshore emergencies
  • Improved CEM capability and competency