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We were tasked to safely bring two high-rate gas production wells online within their well integrity envelopes to produce a combined total of 400 MMscf/d of gas.

Our team of well engineering specialists were engaged by a prominent oil and gas operator to ensure the safe and successful commencement of two high-rate gas wells in offshore Australia.

We managed the entire process on behalf of our client, commencing with the establishment of well commissioning acceptance criteria and ensuring strict adherence to these standards. Our involvement extended to overseeing the handover of the operational wells to the offshore operations team.

With in-house resource constraints caused by multiple wells being commissioned at the same time, and due to the risks associated with the start-up process of the high-rate gas wells, it was critical to contract highly experienced and specialized personnel to deliver the scope.

We have an excellent track record in bringing high-rate gas wells online and decades worth of lessons learned for overcoming common issues faced during the process.

As well integrity was of course a key area of focus during this process, it was critical to rely on a contractor with significant well integrity expertise and established processes that had been tried and tested in this environment.

Campaign time-driven objectives also contributed to the reason why we were selected, as the operator was in the process of bringing numerous wells online at the same time, it was critical to rely on competent specialists to meet the project goals.

What we did

  • Developed the start-up procedure, a prescriptive list of key steps and conditions the operator must follow to assure the wells flow safely
  • Conducted a well integrity assessment and study to assure well integrity and what needs to be completed to hand over to the operate phase
  • Developed the start-up procedure, a prescriptive list of key steps and conditions the operator must follow to assure wells flow safely
  • Managed and executed the process of bringing the wells online, and provided remote verification to detect any issues during this period
  • Delivered a close-out report with details of the start-up, issues that were identified and overcome and recommendations for:
    • Production management during the operate phase
    • Improvements to the process for future start-ups of offshore high-rate gas wells

What we delivered

  • Safely brought 2 high-rate gas wells online with integrity intact for production to commence
  • Developed start-up and commissioning documentation that can be utilized across the business for future start-ups
  • Delivered training on how the design of the well influences the way it is operated to the offshore operators
  • Unloaded the gas wells to the drilling rig and conducted low-rate testing ahead of handover to operations
Brad Parker Brad Parker
Operations Team Lead
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Value delivered

Production assurance

The wells are now in the operate phase and meeting their production targets of 400 MMscf/d

Well integrity

The wells were brought online safely and went through a series of well integrity assurance measures to assure integrity across the lifecycle of the well

Delivered on time, on budget

The wells were brought online within the stipulated time frame and budget

Risk reduction tactics

Add Energy provided detailed recommendations for the operation of wells to minimize risk to production or safety assurance being compromised

Blueprint for high-rate gas well commissioning

We delivered a suite of corporate documentation for high-rate gas wells that can be used by the client for future high-rate gas well commissioning projects