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Sustainable Energy Consulting

  We can help you with sustainable energy consulting.

Does your business need sustainable energy consulting? We are a trusted drilling and reservoirs engineering consultancy which provides the best expert skills and software for integrated energy projects.

Contact us As an energy service company, AGR is financially robust, well-run and resilient, so you can count on us to be around to see your project through. 

Energy consulting and energy awareness

We are simply here to prepare you for the future. We help our clients evaluate, understand and implement solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and overall energy use.

Pushing you toward renewable energy

We are  market leading resourcing and recruiting agency.  While few were looking, renewables grew up and joined the energy mainstream and continues to diversify today. AGR has built a global, multi-disciplinary recruiting and staffing consultancy that today delivers well trusted solutions, which are anything from sourcing a single consultant or providing the best engineeirng software to delivering an integrated project.

Energy solutions to reach net zero

The switch to renewable energy results in both lower emissions but also increased complexity. Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. 

Carbon neutrality

To reach net zero we need to achieve a world where the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed. Put simply, this will only happen when emissions from homes, transport, agriculture and industry are cut, heavily reduced or removed after output. 

Read more about Carbon Capture, Storage and Use here.

The world of renewable energy 

Renewable energy is a major contributor to the transition to the low carbon economy. It also considers wider issues of sustainability, such as reducing pollution, improving energy security and enabling access to energy. 

Together with our clients we work to shape the future of decarbonised energy. 

We work to find solutions for the greater global challenges

Sustainable energy technologies are critical to the global energy transition and solving future challenges.

Changing demands around the world

We have been navigating constant changing demands for years now and. The journey towards net-zero is accelerating at pace and we are well prepared through our agility and creative approach to problem-solving for our clients.

The energy of the future: low carbon solutions

Low carbon solutions like Carbon Capture, Storage and Use, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Deep Seabed Minerals is the key to maintaining a sustainable level of energy and protecting our planet from climate change.

Sustainable energy helps save our future.  

Energy consultants with end-to-end solutions

AGR offers services and solutions from defining the value of reserves and resources, through to compliance and management process support, exploration, production, production maintenance and decommissioning.

Our services

These are our main services:

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About AGR

From our Norwegian heritage with deep roots in Reservoir and Well Management, AGR has built a global, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy. The journey towards net-zero is accelerating at pace and we are well-placed to respond to client needs through our agility and creative approach to problem-solving.

Accelerating digitalisation

At this time of transition in the energy industry, organisations need a trusted digitalisation partner who is able to provide you with software technologies that follow the most recent cyber security and modern software architecture. Our software applications are designed to enhance decision making around the three fundamental considerations of any project: cost, time and risk. 

In need of sustainable energy consulting?

As a sustainable energy consultant we will help you businesses to become more environmentally responsible in how you operate. 

Work with us 

Are you in need of an energy consultant then you can count on us to be around to see your project through. Our teams of experts are just a click away: where in the world are you located?

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