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31.08.2020 Net zero solutions Reservoir Management & Subsurface Well Engineering Well Management

From subsurface to drill bit – AGR leads the way in CCUS solutions

As the global oil and gas industry steps up to its net zero commitment, attention is returning to the central role Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) will play in building a sustainable energy future.

Over the last two decades, AGR has supported its clients in the drive to reduce their COemissions by acting as a technical adviser to a range of organisations and companies globally helping them to develop innovative CCUS technologies.

As governments increase environmental regulations, our experts continue to take a leading role. AGR’s reservoir teams have provided petrophysical, geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering support on several regional and international carbon management projects. We have amassed significant experience in identifying, assessing, and testing the geological conditions needed to store billions of tonnes of COin the surface.

Our projects have been diverse. From advising the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) during the competitive tendering process for CCS in the UK to providing risk assessment and mitigation plan on a COleak from injection wells on a producing gas field – AGR has worked hard to advance CCS technologies and become a market leader in its solutions.

More recently, AGR Australia was taken on by the Victorian Government to provide full management of its CarbonNet Offshore Appraisal Well Drilling Programme – the first of its kind in Australia. The team was given full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the programme, from well engineering and design through to supervision and execution of the project in addition to managing the Geophysical, Geotechnical, HSE and regulatory aspects. Early this year the well was successfully appraised and abandoned using materials suitable for future CO2 storage at the site. The drilling campaign was successfully executed, with no harm to the environment.

As part of the Norwegian government’s ambition to develop a full-scale CCS value chain in Norway by 2024, AGR has been working with Gassnova on the Northern Lights Project. Our oil and gas exploration and production background and associated technical knowledge is being utilised by Gassnova for what could be the very first full-scale CO2 capture and returns project in Europe.

Operators Equinor, Total and Shell undertook feasibility studies into CCS solutions between 2016-2020 as part of the project and delivered a development study to the government in May 2020 proposing how the transportation and storage of CO2 would be executed.

The project involves the capture of CO2 from industrial capture sources in the Oslo-fjord region and shipping of liquid CO2 from these industrial capture sites to an onshore terminal on the Norwegian west coast. From there, the liquified CO2 will be transported by pipeline to an offshore storage location subsea in the North Sea, for permanent storage. Drilling of a well at the site was completed in March with positive results indicating that the area is suitable for CO2 storage.

AGR’s role throughout has been to provide expertise to Gassnova within geoscience, reservoir and drilling disciplines, in addition to facilities and cost engineering.

Svein Sollund, CEO at AGR, says, “As our knowledge in CCS continues to grow, we remain committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges our clients face. With experience spanning from reservoir, geoscience assessments through to drill bit, AGR is ideally placed to help governments and organisations across the world in their ambitions to transition into Net Zero energy-producing initiatives. We are proud and excited to be part of a move that sees nations and businesses working together to offer increased opportunities to reduce emissions.”


The image below is illustrating some of the recent projects AGR experts have been involved in.

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