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Ellen Strøm is a Petroleum Engineer and works as a permanent consultant at AGR Consultancy.


Position: Improvement Engineer
Job Location: Stavanger, Norway
AGR Consultant Since: November 2017

Hobbies: In addition to being an avid knitter and loving all types of fermenting and cooking, my dog and I are certified as visitation dog and handler. He and I actively train and have done both agility and search and detection courses, and we used to visit nursing homes on a regular basis before he got too old.

Ellen, what made you choose a career in Energy?
Quite simply, a career in energy provides endless possibilities, and I have held many and very varied positions. I love learning new things and taking on new challenges, plus there’s never a dull moment in our fast-pace, ever-changing work environment.

Currently I work as a consultant for Aker BP.

What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies?
To be honest, I’ve not worked with any other consultancy, but what I like and I suppose what makes me stay, is the close relationships I have with colleagues; it feels like we have a real ‘AGR-family.’

What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR and what role did AGR Consultancy play?
Without a doubt, one of my biggest achievements since joining AGR was when I was asked to be lead engineer for the Jette Field P&A planning. At that point, I had never been the lead on any project of that magnitude.

Of course we faced many challenges, but as a team we were very successful at the end. There were several AGR consultants on the team as well, and we all worked together, supported each other, and helped each other succeed.

It was fantastic!

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