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Jørnar Heggsum Hubred is the key expert behind our hiQbe® velocity cubes for depth conversion. We took a chat with him about his career at the company.

Please tell us about your daily tasks

Usually, I am technically involved in several parallel projects for our clients in various geographical locations. My tasks span from petroleum geochemistry and basin modelling to depth conversion and velocity modelling.

In addition, I am heavily involved in development, marketing and sales of our high quality velocity cubes, hiQbe®, which means I get the opportunity to travel around the world introducing to potential clients our Multi Client studies and depth conversion services.

How has your career developed during your years at the company?

I joined AGR this year as a result of the merger with First Geo. Since 2007, when I joined First Geo and its predecessor Aker Geo, my career has enhanced from a pure Geologist function to Key Account Manager/Senior Geoscientist.

The company has enabled me to combine my two greatest passions – geology and marketing. Together with my colleague Ivar Meisingset we started what is today known as hiQbe®, a software that helps exploration teams do their depth conversion.

What did you do before joining AGR?

Before joining Aker Geo, I worked as a computer engineer and later as a geologist for an oil company. I believe the time I spent working as a software engineer and programmer gave me a good combination of IT and geology expertise that I can capitalise on now, running and maintaining the hardware necessary for the hiQbe® processing.


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Why did you choose to work in oil and gas?

When I was growing up, I had a strong interest for nature and how the earth around us has been created. At the age of 10 I told my parents that I had decided to become a geologist. About the same time, I started my educational path towards my goal by becoming a member of the Norwegian amateur geological society.

The decision to choose oil and gas came at the University. Partly this was because my results were the best in this particular part of geology. Additionally, about that period I became very interested in world economy and politics where oil, and access to oil, plays an important role.

What do you enjoy the most with working at AGR?

It is now 13 years since I joined the company. Looking back, I believe it’s the variety of tasks and the opportunity I have had to influence the strategic development of the company through responsibility for a commercial product.


(on a field trip in Svalbard)