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AGR delivers personnel who helped to meet all drilling and subsurface deliverables safely within tight contractual parameters.


Sourcing trusted drilling specialists and bringing them together as a team to deliver demanding projects is a big ask for many businesses. It can only happen when you know where to find them, know you can trust them and they know they can trust you. On this project – a 6 well Subsea Development campaign – the mutual respect and history of shared learning and success could not have been more important.


The field is located about 96 km northeast of Aberdeen in approximately 96 metres of water and is the largest UK North Sea oil discovery in the past two decades.


Weaving together an outstanding onshore and offshore team.

AGR Consultancy was appointed to find and engage the experienced teams needed for both the onshore planning and engineering and the offshore operations functions for a large International E&P company, for a six well Subsea Development campaign.

We were tasked with delivering people with proven expertise in development projects and smart completions – people in high demand – while working within tight contractual parameters.


A carefully managed database of trusted candidates with relevant expertise

Recruiting for E&P isn’t just about knowing who to call. We utilise a proven Delivery Process to assess the specific requirements of each client. We resource projects in a way that ensures only the best trained and most relevant experts are provided.

The recruits were selected from four main areas:

Associate consultants
These experienced individuals are regularly contracted by AGR and provide their expertise on a project by project basis.

Previously contracted consultants
Many of these candidates have worked on several projects for AGR both internally and externally. The repeat placement of these experts ensures continuity in our operations.

On-demand consultants
We maintain a list of more than 1200 contractors globally, assessing them against upcoming assignments, matching their skills with project requirements.

Search and selection candidates
This is a bespoke, global, real-time database which we have developed over many years. It holds over 7000 consultants, who we can approach to meet the skills, experience, location and availability required.


A team of exceptional individuals working together seamlessly to meet all objectives.

We provided a full drilling and support team of 26 personnel in the following roles:

  • Onshore Offshore
  • Well Delivery Manager Drilling Supervisors (day and night)
  • Drilling Superintendent Completions Supervisors (day and night)
  • Drilling Engineers Subsea Supervisors (day and night)
  • Completions Engineers Drilling Material
  • Coordinators
  • Subsea Engineers HSEQ Advisors
  • HSEQ Advisor
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Cost Engineer.

This expert team delivered six wells over 535 LTI free days (770,000 working hours). They comfortably met all subsurface deliverables, drilled over 90,000ft, ran over 3,000 joints of conductor, casing and tubulars, without any drilling or completion damage to reservoirs.

thomas-saue Thomas V. Saue
General Manager AGR Consultancy Europe
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