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Ashraf Elmekawy

Petrophysicist - consultant


AGR Consultancy


Stavanger, Norway


What made you pick a career in Energy? I’ve had a longstanding interest in geology; furthermore, I think it’s fascinating that every well is like a new puzzle to solve. What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies? In addition to high levels of professionalism and a success-driven culture, our team feels more like a family and that makes business more enjoyable. What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR and what role did AGR Consultancy play? I wouldn’t focus too much on one single achievement, but more on the fact that at AGR, I have been able to participate in a wide range of projects on different teams. This has meant being part of major exploration and development projects, where new technologies and methods were deployed to minimise risks and maximise success rates, which I have found very rewarding.