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AGR continues to cement its leading position in the UK market for the sourcing and placing of specialist, multi-disciplinary teams for energy projects in the UKCS and beyond.

Operating from its Aberdeen office since 1997 when predecessor, Peak Group, was established, AGR’s consultancy arm has a proven track record, allowing us to work closely with our clients to identify the best solution for their recruitment requirements while understanding the way the different disciplines work together. AGR’s offering includes over three decades of technical recruitment expertise, supported by back office functions such as contracts, HR, finance and treasury in each location.

With almost 9,000 consultants on AGR Consultancy database and having successfully placed over 4,000 on hundreds of projects in 70 locations in the UK and overseas, we bring an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in finding the best candidates, whether it’s one member of a technical team or an entire drilling team on or offshore.

This real-time, globally accessed database allows us to share information, contacts and lessons learned with organisations.

Looking at individual candidates and how they would fit within the team

At AGR, we don’t treat a position in isolation. We look at how a candidate will fit within the team and bring both a collaborative approach and a complementary skillset so that the team can function in the optimal way.

Steve Combe, AGR Consultancy Manager UK said: “Long-term relationships with clients and candidates, combined with a sound understanding of the technical skills required are vital in ensuring the suitability of consultants for the role they are presented for. This also means checking references and verifying that they meet, at least, the minimum industry standards required for their discipline. This is not just about holding the right certificate on paper but making sure that all qualification have been completed at a legitimate school or training provider. And it’s not just about having the right training, it’s about demonstrating competency and making sure that competency has been properly assessed.”


When it comes to sourcing, selecting and placing the best people for oil and gas projects, it’s not enough to simply offer a CV matching service. A consultancy must add value through its understanding of the technical aspects, market intelligence, its relationship with and knowledge of both the organisation and the candidates, as well as recruitment expertise.

Delivering the right combination of technical and cultural fit

Finding candidates with the relevant technical skills and competencies, qualifications and experience is only part of the challenge. Other attributes, including cultural fit, are also key in determining the most suitable candidate for a specific project.

Steve added: “Sourcing and placing the right people with the necessary technical experience and expertise can make a real difference to a project. And the consequences of getting it wrong can be far-reaching.”

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