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Well Kill

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A deep and high pressure well was drilled and during the subsequent completion phase, a pressure anomaly was observed. Diagnostics and evaluations completed by AGR determined that gas was flowing from the total depth (TD) of the well through a leak in the tubing and further to the surrounding formation.

Add Energy specialists were contracted to analyze and develop plans to stop the uncontrolled cross flow. Two senior well control engineers from AGR’s Houston office mobilized on location, whilst a senior well control engineer working out of AGR’s headquarters in Oslo, worked hard to diagnose the situation and plan for alternative recovery and mitigation options.

The Olga-Well-Kill software was used to develop the kill plan and the final operation turned out in excellent alignment with the predictions. The client praised Add Energy’s contribution and stated that their work was crucial for controlling the situation in a safe and timely manner.

Morten Haug Emilsen, Senior Vice President commented; “We are proud of the work that we delivered for our client during this tense period, we believe that our technical expertise and ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently enabled this well kill to be a success, whilst minimizing the impact it had for our client.”

Add Energy’s well control and blowout support team has extensive experience derived from more than 85 live incidents, and were central in combatting the well-known Montara, Macondo, Elgin and Porter Ranch blowouts.