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Well Management team in Perth have successfully managed the drilling of Australia’s first offshore CO2 appraisal well on behalf of the regional government in Victoria, West Australia as part of the CarbonNet project.

AGR’s Well Management in Australia assembled its highly experienced multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the project successfully navigated the regulatory requirements of this unique Greenhouse Gas Storage project which is situated just 8km offshore and is near a popular tourist beach.

Andy Perchard, VP APAC, at AGR said (pictured): “Not only was this a first for Australia with all the environmental, political and economic sensitivities you’d expect but the Victorian bush fires were also unfortunately active which impacted on logistics and operations. Our multi-discipline team has niche expertise which enabled us to meet all the regulatory requirements in-house to successfully and safely execute the campaign.”


With over 60 years collective experience in providing regulatory approvals support, AGR’s expertise spanned delivering submissions for Seismic, Geophysical, Geotechnical and Drilling campaign approvals as well as stakeholder engagement.

The project was delivered on-time and within budget.

The same team is currently providing regulatory support for several Operators in Australia in support of G&G, Drilling and Pipeline submissions across all major basins in Australia.

For full details about the project, please visit the case study.