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Teams continue to rely on siloed and time-intensive End of Well reporting systems.

Based on the feedback we received after talking to multiple senior drilling experts, it appears teams continue to rely on siloed and time-intensive End of Well reporting systems. These are often open to human error and only provide a partial view of drilling data. Additionally, the information available in the final report is often not utilised to its fullest potential since everyone are demotivated to write them in the first place.

Let’s make End of Well reports great again

AGR’s iQx™ software functions as a seamless link between data gathering and automated project delivery. Compiling End of Well reports doesn’t need to be cumbersome and boring. The tool provides a complete view of data across all stages of a well design and construction programme through to its execution. Hence, End of Well report can be processed by one mouse click.

In order to reduce the workload of the Operator’s drilling team, iQx™ aligns all project disciplines around a single stream of data. In practical terms this means that Project managers can task chapters to various project stakeholders enabling them to share experiences and knowledge directly into the report while these are still fresh in mind.

In parallel, iQx™ collects daily drilling data through direct integrations with industry known technologies. As a result, inconsistency between data presented in the final report and daily drilling system is eliminated and the user operates with qualitative sources.

Lastly, iQx™ enables amending the Report content by adding documents, visual files and tailored text which all are automatically generated into a complete final report ready to be sent shortly after completion of drilling operation.

Repeat your success

iQx™ facilitates collaboration to empower knowledge transfer for future projects. In other words, the system improves the user’s performance while also improving their ability to learn from the past.

iQx™ can plug and play anywhere, storing and augmenting every kind of data that will help the user deliver well projects successfully. Once embedded within the team, iQx™ support is continuous, so the user concentrates on maximising the potential of every single element of his well operations.

So why automate?

Here are some aspects to take into consideration:

  • Save on average of 50% time
  • Minimise repetition of data input
  • Maximise workload distribution
  • Facilitate collaboration between external and internal project disciplines
  • Improve the quality of data presented in EOWR
  • Capitalise on the historic qualitative data when planning for future projects

Companies around the globe are using or have confirmed that they will use iQx™ as their standard EOW reporting tool.

A client engineer sums it up as follows, “AGR’s iQx™ application is a good tool and a step in the right direction for automatic generation of End of Well reports. It allows for more efficient reporting and easy QC of reported data throughout the operations.”