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As a part of our work across Australia, we provide management plans and independent integrity risk assessments for our clients’ offshore and onshore operations.

A well-structured, coherent well operations management plan provides a suitable level of detail that accurately describe the well, the operating envelope, the management systems in place and all the activities that take place at or in connection with the well; facilitating the titleholder’s ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the factors that influence risk and controls that are critical to minimizing risk to the integrity of the well.

What we deliver:

Working alongside our exploration and production clients, we create, deliver and serve as a mediator to the Australia National Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) to develop the best integrity risk assessment and management plans.

Add Energy technically assists in the creation of the well operations management plan (WOMP) which is a stand-alone document submitted by a titleholder (E&P company) to NOPSEMA.

The purpose of the WOMP is to:

  • Explain and identify all related activities within the life cycle of the well(s) to be encompassed (drilling and completions, production, temporary suspension, temporary abandonment, etc.)
  • Outline measures to control any operational risks involved
  • Outline the performance criteria required from specific measures to maintain well integrity risk levels to ALARP (as low as reasonably practical).

Our experience:

We are very proud of the work we do in assessing and cooperating with E&P operators all across Australia in conveying their HSE engagement, technical knowledge, procedures and responsibilities to NOPSEMA. We liaise with local regulations and highlight international integrity standards like NORSOK and OGUK as part of our delivery process.

At AGR, we believe that it is paramount that our clients’ integrity and reputation is well perceived by the regulator authorities. One of our main goals is to create excellent relationships and communication channels between Australia’s offshore and onshore regulators and our clients.”

In 2019, Add Energy worked on several WOMPs for industry-leading clients.  The company continues to establish itself as the leader in well engineering and well integrity services in Australia. We offer a complete range of independent engineering and verification services throughout the life cycle of a well. With 55 experienced professionals in Australia, we have a proven track record for delivering industry-leading, independent services and solutions for our clients.