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Lene Thorstensen

When a well is drilled, significant costs occur. Minimising these costs and adhering to a fixed financial budget is a fundamental element of drilling operations. Therefore, the requirement for result-driven service personnel expertise during the drilling of a particular well is essential.

This includes professional, experienced, and communicative wellsite geologists. At AGR, our wellsite geologists meet all these key criteria.

Professionalism: from initial well planning to formation evaluation during drilling, eventual well completion and final well reporting.

Experience: gained over 35 years of drilling, with many types of wells, from production to exploration, and from simple vertical to horizontal geosteering.

Communication: ensuring that all involved personnel, from subsurface interpretation specialists in the client office to drilling personnel on the rig, are debriefed, updated, and informed. Always.

At AGR, our clients trust us to provide them with a carefully assembled team of multi-disciplinary wellsite geologists to support the completion of their drilling projects with minimum complication, risk, and ultimately, reducing costs.

Accurate formation evaluation – an essential skill during drilling

To minimise non-productive drilling time and subsequent unnecessary costs, as well as ensuring wellbore integrity – and above all, contributing to wellsite safety, it is vital that wellsite geologists have extensive stratigraphic knowledge and experience with formation interpretation.

This includes:

  • A quick and accurate understanding of real-time LWD telemetry data and rock cuttings analysis
  • A comprehensive understanding of variable, changing drilling parameters
  • A critical scrutiny of any indications of borehole instability and non-prognosed pore pressure

AGR wellsite geologists have all these aptitudes. Our wellsite geologists are known for their experience and knowledge.

Flexibility – when required!

As a contracted resource, our wellsite geologists can be engaged temporarily, either on a project-by-project arrangement or on a longer campaign basis.

This means that the client has a reliable and flexible resource, utilising individuals from our team of operations and wellsite geologists as and when required, as opposed to maintaining a full-time employee or equivalent, expensive external resource.

This is a significant cost-saving method.

There are lots of reasons why AGR wellsite geologists offer cost efficiencies on drilling campaigns and projects.

From the flexibility of the engagement to the varied experience and skill set, our clients rely on our wellsite geologists to improve efficiency, mitigate drilling uncertainties, and overall, reduce drilling costs to their project.