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Add Energy/AGR enables efficient wellbore clean-up through accurate upfront modelling

The deposition of sand and solids in wellbores is a major concern for producing assets around the world. The impact is often severe for long reach horizontal wells, and small improvement in debris removal can have significant impact on the production output from the well. Our clients have been interested in upfront modelling that can support effective cleanout.

Our software enables us to model the entire system, from the well flow path to the properties of the sand and solids in the wellbore. Our experience includes coiled tubing (CT) cleanout operations for drilling out multiple frac plugs along a horizontal section (a typical length is 3000 m). We have modelled the injection of nitrified water through the CT to the tubing/CT annulus to determine the required fluid velocities to effectively remove the debris to the surface. This also includes determining the amount of nitrogen injection required to maintain a desired downhole pressure. We also provide the pressure requirements at surface to deliver the expected rates downhole and run sensitivities to determine the placement and sizes of nozzles.

For more information, contact: Morten Haug Emilsen, Manager Well Control & Blowout Support