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AGR Consultancy had to find and recruit a Drilling Manager to project-manage an African deepwater drilling campaign for an independent operator.

In addition the full deepwater drilling team was sourced, which consisted of expatriate personnel, personnel specific to the country of operations and locally based Australians.



We targeted a select number of companies where we knew we would find the right calibre of candidates, concentrating on deepwater operators in GoM, Africa and Brazil.


AGR Consultancy has a database of more than 9,000 candidates in Well Engineering and its related disciplines. We also subscribe to a number of industry-specific recruitment databases. These were rigorously searched to supplement the long list generated by our comprehensive headhunting activity.


Full Drilling Project Team recruited entirely by AGR Consultancy

  • Six key deepwater candidates were hired on a long-term contract basis in Perth: one expatriate Drilling Project Manager, two Drilling Superintendents (one Australian, one ex-pat), one Australian Materials Manager and two Senior Drilling Engineers, both Australian
  • Full offshore drilling team hired for duration of drilling operational phase (two Logistics Coordinators, two Senior Drilling Supervisors, two Night Drilling Supervisors, two Wellsite Drilling Engineers)
  • In-country shore based logistical project team hired (one Expatriate Shorebase Construction Manager, two Expatriate Logistics Superintendents, two Local Logistics & Materials Supervisors, both in country).