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The operator had discovered a mid‐sized oil field in around 90m water depth and assigned a field development FEED study to investigate a range of development drilling options for wells placed in two separate structures.

What we did

We investigated a range of drilling and development options involving both 1 and 2 wellhead platforms and several optional subsea wells

A comprehensive report with recommendations was produced and this provided input to the integrated pre‐FEED study that started shortly thereafter

Utilized an in-house developed model for scenario based drilling time and cost estimates and an in‐house developed model for estimation of optimum placement of wellhead platforms and subsea templates.

What did we deliver

  • A detailed offset well review
  • High level designs for platform and subsea development wells
  • Well time and cost estimates, incorporating seasonal (weather related) and technical contingency factors
  • Evaluation of optimum placement of wellhead platform(s) and subsea wells/clusters. A particular challenge in this field was a water depth that was right on the limit of large jack‐up access and reservoir(s) that covered a relative large area requiring extended reach drilling with most wells having to be drilled in a direction that was suboptimal in relation to the earth stress regime
  • Identification of well related risks and mitigation measures
  • Time and cost estimates for drilling and completions and also life of field well intervention
  • Evaluation of rig options, rig availability and rig rate projections
  • Input to the project master schedule