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We offer extensive experience in the development and implementation of Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) systems, including Emergency Response. Our team of professionals specialise in assissting organisations prepare and train for the potential of worst case scenarios by delivering team training and planning and conducting credible CEM exercises with realistic emergency scenarios.

Are your teams trained and adequately prepared to respond and recover from an Emergency or Crisis? How long will you be out of business following an emergency due to untested CEM / BCP systems?

We can help test your Emergency & Crisis Management Frameworks and validate effective communication & operational interface between site response teams, corporate support teams and external responders.

We provide organizations with sustainable safety and risk management solutions at corporate, project and operational levels which are consistent with AS/NZ 4801, OHSAS 18001, ISO 31000, 14001, 9001 – ensuring compliance with legislative and corporate requirements.


A team of experienced professionals from highly disciplined and skilled backgrounds offering;

Development of Crisis and Emergency Response and Recovery Plans
Business Continuity Planning
Identification and Assessment of Business, Crisis and Emergency Risk
Training of Crisis & Emergency Management and Response Teams
Plan / conduct realistic exercises & drills to test and assess
Crisis & Emergency Management Framework & Teams
Development and training of HR / Relative Response Teams & Telephone Response Teams
Media Response and Management development



Crisis and Emergency Management Teams
Relative Response and Next of Kin Management
HR Support Teams
Media Response and Management
Telephone Support Team

David Kerr