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Yue-Lu You, PhD

Reservoir Engineering Advisor


Reservoir Management & Asset Evaluation


Oslo, Norway


Our Reservoir Engineering Advisor Yue-Lu joined AGR in 2023 after having worked with the company as an Associate Reservoir Consultant. Originally from China, Yue-Lu came to Norway in 1979 to attain a PhD in Petroleum Reservoir Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. With a career spanning more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in reservoir modelling and simulation across Norwegian North Sea sandstone reservoirs and carbonate reservoirs in the UAE. He’s also highly proficient with a range of software, including ECLIPSE and MEPO, RMS and Tempest (Roxar), CMG and Petrel RE, as well as Petroleum Experts and Petroleum Solutions UK. In his spare time, Yue-Lu enjoys good food, travelling and spending time with his family. He lives in Oslo with his wife, with his two adult daughters living close by.