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Yngve F. Johansen

Senior Software Developer


AGR Software


Oslo, Norway


Our Senior Software Developer Yngve Johansen has developed software for Kongsberg Oil and Gas and ConocoPhillips. Yngve joined AGR Software early 2012, after having gained extensive experience developing software at Sense Intellifield, an innovative supplier of e-field technologies; where he and his team worked with both industry known software SiteCom as well as Discovery Web programmes. The acquisition of Sense Intellifield by Kongsberg Oil & Gas, prompted Yngve to move on, as he prefers to be part of a small, agile team; which is exactly what AGR Software offers. Daily tasks cover not only software maintenance, but also directly assisting clients. When asked what Yngve likes most about his job, he highlights the exciting nature of continuously facing new challenges and the opportunity to solve them creatively. As the team is small and agile, developers at AGR Software are fully versed with intricate functionalities and engage with each other at every level, which ensures the full incorporation of both knowledge and experience from the entire team when solving problems.