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Trond Kjønnerød

Senior Drilling Consultant


AGR Consultancy


currently placed in Persian Gulf, Arabian Peninsula


Working for AGR as consultant since: 2009 Hobbies: I enjoy being out on the ocean or exploring the fjords of Norway through sailing and boating. What made you pick a career in Energy? It was rather random. While I was studying in Stavanger in early 80ies, the oil and gas industry was the exciting new frontier. During my studies, I landed a summer job offshore, which was incredibly thrilling. I enjoyed the work and the unique working schedule immensely. What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies? Our collaboration has proven beneficial for both sides, leading to continued cooperation over a decade now. I think the AGR team distinguishes by exceptional management and a highly skilled team. A resourcing house you want to partner with. What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR? What role did AGR Consultancy play in it? The collaboration with AGR boasts numerous achievements, with the Volve project notably standing out. AGR was awarded this Well Management project by Equinor (then Statoil) and I was engaged as the Drilling Superintendent. My role was to assembe and lead a skilled team comprising drilling supervisors, engineers, coordinators, and safety personnel to execute the drilling and completion of eight wells from a jack-up platform. The project presented multifaceted challenges; from a tight labor market to operational hurdles like HP riser recertification, rig maintenance after a prolonged period of inactivity, and the need for rapid program development. Despite these obstacles, AGR as a well management contractor and the project team excelled. Navigating deviated wells in a congested area and tapping into a depleted reservoir added further complexity. Yet, the team rose to the occasion, delivering exceptional results. Upon project completion, the client expressed full satisfaction, commending the team for delivering 30% under budget and with zero harm to people or the environment—a testament to my team's and AGR collective success.