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Morten Wagner

Morten Wagner

Safety Coach Offshore


AGR Consultancy


Currently working for Vår Energi on West Phoenix rig


Working for AGR as consultant since: 2023 Hobbies: Cycling, hiking, climbing and travelling What made you pick a career in Energy? I have worked in the rescue service for 30 years as firefighter and paramedic, and also as an instructor in offshore safety training for RelyOnNutec. I started in Rowan Drilling in 2012, just by being at the right place at the right time. I had just returned from USA where I worked as a fire/safety officer on a cruise ship and was ready for new challenges. In Rowan I worked with HSE in the office for 3 years, before I started offshore as a safety officer. In my off periods I still work as a paramedic in Oslo and northern Norway. So safety and preventing accidents has become an idealism, and I actively use my experience from the rescue service, in my continuous work offshore to build a good safety culture and work environment. What makes AGR different for you in comparison with other consultancies? The biggest difference working for AGR, is the professionalism and transparency the company is showing towards me as an employee. I immediately felt part of the AGR family, and Im always proud to tell who I work for. Also, the positivity everyone has, and working for a growing company, with so many opportunities, makes AGR one of the best employers I have ever had. What has been your biggest achievement since joining AGR? What role did AGR Consultancy play in it? Through AGR I got an opportunity to work as a drilling safety coach for Vår Energy, which has been a very positive experience, with challenges and learnings. I think it’s important to be in a position to both use one’s experience, and also learn something every day from colleagues. I also see a lot of exciting opportunities in AGR, both national and international, and im proud to be part of the AGR team.