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Daria Krasova

Customer Success Engineer


AGR Software


Oslo, Norway


Daria Krasova joined AGR’s Exploration team as Senior Geoscientist when her company, First Geo, one of the most prominent subsurface consultancies in Norway, joined forces with AGR in early 2019. Daria joined a service company because she wanted to be in fast paced environment that challenged and broadened her professional skillset. AGR does just that. Over the course of her career in geoscience, Daria gained proven experience in Rock physics, Modelling, Interpretation, Seismic data processing for license application rounds, redeterminations – and worked on exploration projects large and small, on local and regional levels, and with data sets from across the globe. At present, she is with AGR’s iQx™ team and helps the software users to improve performance in their well delivery in addition to being in charge of testing and releasing new functionalities of our time and cost management solution. She is very happy with the support she receives from her colleagues, which allows her to expand her skills and knowledge into drilling and well engineering sphere. Outside the realm of work, Daria enjoys spending time with her daughter and reading about new research in psychology. However, to really unwind, she takes to the dancefloor and even teaches Brazilian zouk and West Coast Swing in a local dance studio.