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AGR provides the specialist services that businesses in offshore wind power need to build and operate projects successfully and with confidence. We work in close partnership with world-class suppliers to deliver the full range of expert capabilities essential for developing plants safely at optimum cost and running them profitably throughout their life cycle.

Clients choose us because of our three decades of experience in Subsurface Managemet, Well Project and Drilling engineering in the offshore exploration and production industry. Now, as more companies accelerate their transition to renewable energy, AGR has the solutions, expertise and resources to help guide them.

A service built to maximise ROI

AGR is focused entirely on the priorities of Operators in wind power. This is a full project management, operations and maintenance service designed to maximise the return on investment in wind power. It’s a business that allows owners to concentrate on core priorities, knowing their operational interests are in safe hands.

The solutions we provide are highly flexible and innovative. We offer rapid access to proven wind power specialists and help implement state of the art operations management systems that streamline processes and maximise efficiency.

From planning, through installation to ongoing maintenance

Our specialists deliver a range of engineering solutions, logistics and operating systems to ensure wind projects are built for optimal performance. We have the subsurface expertise to evaluate if a site is appropriate for installation and offer the best qualified people and support to plan installation, procure, ship to location and take charge onsite. Our back office support teams take care of daily administrative processes, and the logistics team brings their experience from the most complex offshore campaigns. Throughout, our experts provide services that are commercially sustainable, compliant and effective.

An end-to-end solution

The companies we partner with receive a full service delivered as a total project, expertly managed:

  • Entire project management
  • A fully set up supply base designed to deliver major cost efficiencies
  • Recruitment of a world class project team with carefully selected specialists
  • Expert planning to mitigate risks and create the optimum operational model
  • Seamless installation, operation and ongoing modifications
  • Regulatory compliance and submission applications
  • Development of integrated O&M concepts

The advantages of working with AGR

We’re chosen by businesses of every type in the energy sector, new and established, large and small, because we provide:

  • Flexible solutions tailored to every project
  • Fast access to highly skilled and proven specialists
  • A range of technologies that enable game-changing developments
  • A strategy for maximising uptime on the rig
  • Extensive stakeholder management services
  • Advanced collaboration models and contractual structures

With AGR, clients are able to focus on project origination and their business strategy thanks to a partnership designed to help investors in wind to realise their ambitions.

For more information about how we can help you achieve efficiencies in wind energy operations and maintenance, please contact Føn Energy Services.